General Reel

General Reel – Spring 2018

Pranx Cru

Pranx Cru Acting / Improv: “Mr. Gold”, “Skizzle”, “Lenny”, “Simon”, “Mini Mr. Gold”. Directing / Editing / […]

Pom Pom Wow – Pom Pom Song Music Video

    Pom Pom Wow music video / commercial Writer / Director 2016

The Aquabats! Super Show! – “Christmas With The Aquabats!”

Screenwriting 2012

The Aqubabats! Super Show! – “Floating Eye of Death!”

Screenwriting (live action story) / Flash animation (collaboration with Matt Chapman) 2012

The Aquabats! Super Show! – “Pilgrim Boy!”

Screenwriting (live action story) 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba! “Adventure” eBook

Interactive children’s eBook, adapted from a screenplay. Writer, designer,  lead illustrator, 2012  Front cover Back Cover