Burly Stone Video Product Review

  Burly Stone product review for Chubstr.com Writing, On-Camera Hosting, Video Editing 2018

General Reel

General Reel – Spring 2018


Dummeez (JMP Creative) Editing / Logo, Branding & Thumbnail Design / VO Acting (intro, theme song) 2017


Orbeezone – The official Orbeez YouTube Channel Directing / Editing / VO Acting / Writing / Creative / […]

Pranx Cru

Pranx Cru Acting / Improv: “Mr. Gold”, “Skizzle”, “Lenny”, “Simon”, “Mini Mr. Gold”. Directing / Editing / […]

Vines 2013 – 2016

  Vine Videos 2013 – 2016 20.2+ million loops 19.3k followers RIP Vine!

Makeup by Marylynn

“Makeup by Marylynn” YouTube Channel Branding, Content Creation, Etc. 2017

Teenage Mutant Pizza Party 2

Teenage Mutant Pizza Party 2 – CinemAttack event screening Event Planning & Coordination, Marketing, Graphic Design, etc. […]

CinemAttack! “Fun” Future Reel

Video Editing (CinemAttack! Productions event planning) 2014

The Wheel of Anderson -creative

  TEES, STICKERS, HOME GOODS AVAILABLE NOW!   “The Wheel of Anderson” Digital Print For my event screening company, CinemAttack! […]