The Aquabats! Various T’s

Graphic Designer

2000 – present

Click for various samples.

“Batman Logo”

“Must Kill”

“Incredible Coincidence?”


“Dangerous Dan”


“Christmas Sweater”

“X-mas 2009”




“Aquacadet Posse”

Martian Girl”

“Japanese Crab”
Collaboration with Brandon Bird

“Girly Bat”

“Kamen Rider”

More designs to be added.

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  1. Lexi

    Can I please buy some of this or is there somewhere I can because I really love the Aquabats skulls shirt

    • Tyler Jacobs (Author)

      Sorry, Lexi! I did that design like thirteen years ago and you’d have to talk to them if they want to reprint it. thanks though! 🙂

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